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Baby Dreambox Sleeping Sounds


Baby Dreambox makes your baby sleep like an angel. More than 20 handpicked relaxing sounds and lullabies soothes your child, a smart timer stops playback when your little one starts dreaming and you can even record your own songs or fairytales. KEY FEATURES• More than 20 high quality soothing sounds and melodies - Choose between classic lullabies, nature, household or travelling sounds and colored noises of various frequencies. • Smart timer and monitor that listens to your baby and plays only, when your baby is awake• Regular timer enabling you to stop playback after predefined time. • Record your own song, lullaby or fairytale and your baby can fall asleep listening to it every night• Support background mode
SOOTHING SOUNDSColored noiseswhite noise, pink noise, brown noise
Sounds of NatureBeach, Crickets, Forest, River, Rain and Storm , Whales, Heartbeat
Household soundsAC, Shower, Vacuum cleaner, Fireplace, Clock, Washing machine
TravelingCar ride, Airplane, Train
LullabiesTwinkle Winkle, Warm Kitty, Brahms's Lullaby
DESIGNED FOR PARENTSBaby Dreambox is created by TappyTaps, developer of Baby Monitor 3G app that is used by more than a half million parents worldwide. It means that we have a lot of experience building apps for today’s busy parents.
This app is working without any limitations, but it has short waiting welcome screen. You can remove it by buying Baby Dreambox Unlock or by installing Baby Monitor 3G app.
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